title: Crossed Lives, Crossed Purposes: Thomas Jefferson, William

author: Ray Blunt

category: nonfiction • subcategory: Leadership • date submitted: 5.24.2009 • author id: BlR2230809

word count: 300


This book examines the lives, leadership, and legacies of two singular leaders of a common era, William Wilberforce and Thomas Jefferson. Both men were to courageously begin their political careers with a proposal to end slavery's horrors and both received a resounding "no" from their elder colleagues. The incredible comparative story of how similarly their lives began and were shaped is matched only by the striking divergence in sustaining their early commitments after defeat. How their leadership and character were shaped over the decades by mentors and colleagues provides important clues to these great differences in their perseverance. Most telling, in contrasting these two great leaders over a lifetime, it will be seen that it was their beliefs, their worldviews, that ultimately shaped their character and their capacity to act courageously resulting in legacies of a peaceful end to slavery in a transformed England and in six hundred thousand deaths in a divided America. It is in the "why" that these stories come alive for today.

About the Author
Ray Blunt is a seasoned military leader and government executive, current adjunct professor of leadership and business ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Associate Director of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture. Blunt has committed the remainder of his life to helping to grow the next generation of servant leaders. He is a leadership coach, mentor, teacher, consultant, and writer and speaks to a wide variety of forums using stories, biblical principles, and personal experience centered on the best leaders give themselves to grow leaders to come after them. His marketing network includes the Washington Institute database and strategic partners including the Work-Life Institute in Toronto (including Comment magazine), the Center for Faith and Work in New York (affiliated with Redeemer Church network), the Max DePree Leadership Center in Pasadena, California, the C.S. Lewis Institute network, and the Gordon-Conwell community. This book will be made available to his constituency from two leadership websites that he writes for.

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title: A Biblical Approach to Developing the Inner Qualities

author: Jacqueline Ann Faulhaber

category: nonfiction • subcategory: Biblical Leadership • date submitted: 7.25.2008 • author id: FaJ5770108

word count: 200


Leadership does not arise from a concerted, directed effort, but through a leader's character that is enveloped by God's moral and virtuous character. Surface level reading of scripture might not reveal the deepest insight possible as to what is required for spiritual transformation. This book seeks to explain how virtue is developed, the tools God uses to develop virtue, cultural barriers that prevent spiritual formation, and what form of leadership is needed in the multi-cultural world global organizations must operate in. There is no greater time than now in our postmodern and turbulent time for a refined understanding of Christian leadership. Understanding how people are formed spiritually and grow in Christlike character is also important if better societies are to emerge.

About the Author
The author has served in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod for numerous years in leadership roles. She serves as an adjunct professor for the University of South Dakota, School of Political Science teaching graduate leadership courses. She has several years of experience helping organizations in non-profit, for profit, and government become more effective in reaching their vision, mission, goals, and objectives. Her doctoral degree is in strategic leadership from Regent University, School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship. From a biblical perspective of leadership, her research interests include: spiritual formation, ethics, virtuous leadership, foresight, and creativity/innovation. She has published articles in the Journal of Biblical Studies in Leadership, Christianity Today: Faith in the Workplace, and Leadership Advance On-Line.

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title: Soft Skill Leadership: Necessary Competencies for Learning Leaders

author: Eugene Habecker

category: nonfiction • subcategory: leadership • date submitted: 1.7.2014 • author id: HaE4699013

word count: 40,000 - 50,000


Why do some leaders prove effective in the long run while others do not, with presidencies sometimes lasting less than a year? Business School curricula focus on appropriate concepts such as analytics, brand management, strategy, marketing mix, budget controls, and operations management. These concepts are referred to as "hard" skills and they are necessary competencies for effective leaders. But are they enough for the long haul?

This book argues that "hard" skills help get the job but are often insufficient to help ensure leadership effectiveness for the long-term. Mastery of "soft" skills is also essential. Effective leaders understand the necessity of integrating both "hard" and "soft" skills, rather than focusing on just one or the other. They are also intentional about developing soft skills as competencies. Nelson Mandela is an example of a leader who championed soft skills such as forgiveness and reconciliation.

Soft skills are the primary focus of this book: Soft Skill Leadership: Necessary Competencies for Learning Leaders. The book explores soft skills in two ways. First, it explores the soft skills necessary for effective self-management. Second, the book explores soft skills that need to be an embedded part of an organization's culture. 

About the Author

Dr. Gene Habecker (Ph.D. - Michigan) has organizational networks and personal friendships throughout the US and the world based on his extensive global travel (more than 95 countries) and his more than 30 years of organizational presidential leadership in universities and non-profits. These networks and friendships allow for broad book exposure nationally and distribution globally and in multiple languages. His most recent global assignment was leading a global leadership development day-long workshop for the Ethiopian government in 2012. This book builds on his three previous books on leadership. He currently serves as president of Taylor University (Indiana).

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