Bible Commentary

title: Ephesians on F.I.R.E. An Inductive Commentary with a Devotional Quality

author: Kenneth Burge, Sr.

category: nonfiction • subcategory: bible commentary • date submitted: 11.1.2013 • author id: BuK207372013

word count: 60,000


Ephesians on F.I.R.E. is an inductive commentary. This simply means that instead of telling you what the Bible teaches, it takes you on the journey to discover its life changing communication. The writer's passion includes teaching you how to develop the necessary skill set to become familiar with the Bible passage you are studying, interpret it accurately, relate it to its surrounding contexts, and employ it personally.

The origin of the word familiarity derives from the Latin familiaritas and means “familiar” or “intimate.” Bible study should originate from a deep-seated personal relationship with God.

Interpretation is the second stage of Bible study. The author will guide you through the hermeneutics of each passage.

Relationship becomes the third phase of our quest to understand the sacred text. The author was taught correlation as the third step in Bible study.  Correlation is generally associated with things while relationship implies a connection between living organisms.

The fourth and final part of this most excellent adventure is employment. Application begins when those who originally received the living Word became entrusted with their passport to service. That is, they were given their authoritative marching orders.


About the Author

The author has 25 years of pastoral experience.  He has earned 5 theological degrees.  His last earned degree, a Doctor of Ministry, was from Dallas Theological Seminary.  The author's dissertation is titled Developments and Evaluation of a Sermon Preparation and Delivery Class for Laymen.  The author did extensive research on helping pastors use F.I.R.E. to develop biblical sermons.  From this endeavor came a book by the author named Preaching with F.I.R.E.'s E.T.A.  Furthermore, the author wrote a series of articles which appeared in Preaching (Magazine) and on  Combined, his scholarly ability to take the Word of God and help his students see the applications of the exegeted biblical passages qualifies him for writing Ephesians on F.I.R.E.  Having been in the same pulpit for the last 22 years (and having preached through Ephesians twice and taught it several more times) helped created good communications skills.

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title: Revelation for the Perplexed

author: Fenton Ward

category: nonfiction • subcategory: bible commentary • date submitted: 5.10.2016 • author id: WaF9390716

word count: 80,000


            Perplexed by Revelation? Who isn’t? But we should be less confused than those of a century ago! All biblical prophecy clears as its fulfillment approaches. A century ago, the talking-statue of the anti-Christ sounded demonic. Today it’s just a robot with a cell phone. Revelation’s fog is clearing as we find hidden things suddenly coming into plain sight. Worldwide commerce, communication, and transportation have shrunk the world making a worldwide government sound prudent.

            Man has substituted the rule of government for the rule of God, but governments are impersonal. Like Israel of old, we are seeking a king—a personality. In our age of celebrity adoration, the arrogance of the coming world ruler fits our desires. Secularism only values success; Rabbinic Judaism expects another Solomon; and Islam awaits the ultimate Imam. All seek a superman. We’ve been warned of this coming false-Messiah, but will careless Christians venerate him, too?

About the Author

            Dr. Fenton Ward holds two advanced degrees (Southwestern at Fort Worth and Fuller in Pasadena) and the experiences of 40 odd years in Jewish Evangelism. He currently leads Project Ingrafting, a Jewish evangelism ministry, headquartered on the Monterey California peninsula.

            He is the author of What to Say When They Say, “I’m Jewish,” published by Purple Pomegranate Productions, a division of Jews for Jesus, and a self-published Haggadah for Jewish and International Christians, called Passover, a Christian Heritage. (A Haggadah is a “script” for celebrating Passover.) Before fulltime involvement with Project Ingrafting, he was the founding pastor of Tarzana Baptist Chapel, a congregation of Jewish and International believers in Los Angeles. He is also the developer of Hinge of History, a harmony of the gospels website at The website contains not only the harmonized text, but historical data and commentary.

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title: The Apocalypse by Hengstenberg

author: Maxwell Hillier

category: nonfiction • subcategory: bible commentary • date submitted: 10.23.2016 • author id: HiM244416

word count: 160000


This is in effect a rediscovery and condensation of Professor EW Hengstenberg's commentary on the Revelation. Originally published in 1852, it has been forgotten in the passing of time. I have edited it, condensed it down, and typeset it to about 320 pages, from its original two volumes of 1100 pages. Hengstenberg was an evangelical Lutheran professor at Berlin University in the mid 19th century. Many of his ideas are novel to our ears, yet thoroughly biblical, warm and encouraging. He presents views that are unknown to modern discourse– the identity of the name and number of the beast, the nature of the beast, the cherubim, the identity of the angel of the Lord and Michael, the literal character of the thousand years, the fact that it has already been fulfilled in history, giving us an entirely new category for understanding the millennium, and the time of Gog and Magog, among mny other things. He explores the nature of prophecy, the place of heathen Rome in the book, and gives us insights on Daniel and Zechariah.

I have typeset the book, and it bears viewing in that form, as the style enforces the layout of the text and chapters for ease of reading. In editing it I have endeavoured to make it more approachable for the modern reader. 

About the Author

Maxwell Hillier holds a BA Fine Arts from Western Australian Institute of Technology (Curtin University), Grad. Dip. Education Secondary from Curtin University, and Grad. Dip. Divinity from Ridley College, Melbourne. He has graphic design/editorial experience in newspaper and print shop work.

Marketing Features: Old Testament Lutheran scholar EW Hengstenberg brings his commentary on the Revelation, showing us how the rest of scripture informs us of what the Revelation means and says. Keeping to the confines of Scripture and exegesis, Hengstenberg shows us the nature of the beast, what it stood for historically, and what it means for us today. The meaning of the name and number of the beast is clearly and satisfactorily explained. A redicovered way of understanding the millennium and Gog and Magog is presented to the arena of Revelation studies. The sovereignty of God and his Christ on the pulse of history is clearly displayed, as is his protecting hand on his church from the malice of the heathen world power. 

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title: The Flesh of God: A Pastoral Commentary on Ephesians

author: Bo Matthews

category: nonfiction • subcategory: bible commentary • date submitted: 9.30.2016 • author id: MaB1980316

word count: 75,786


I have written a pastoral commentary on Ephesians that invites pastors to read Ephesians, as if it were an email attachment from the Apostle Paul they opened this morning.

The book takes pastors major idea by major idea through Paul’s letter, always defining words that are difficult or have become clichés, always listening for the apostle’s meaning, and always remembering that Paul had in mind not this or that congregation or Church body, but the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.” Each chapter includes a feature unique among commentaries called “Ephesians Incarnate,” which takes the form of stories, practices, perspectives, and ideas, drawn from daily life and corresponding to major ideas in Ephesians. Each chapter ends with a prayer from the Church’s ancient storehouse of worship. 

About the Author

Pastoral ministry: I have pastored three congregations for 49 years, once as the founding pastor and twice as the senior pastor. Their sizes ranged fom 500-1500. 

Academic Credentials: I have a Th.M. (Dallas Seminary, 1966) and D.Min. (Fuller Seminary, 1998). 

Prior publishing history

  • “Crocodile Treasure”, The University Anvil, Spring 1963 (an institutional magazine for Oklahoma Baptist University).
  • “Would You Love to be Joyful?”, Kindred Spirit, Summer 1979 (an institutional magazine for Dallas Theological Seminary).
  • “He Who Has Ears to Hear … Jeremiah 1” (Chapter 6 in Robinson, Haddon. Biblical Sermons, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House Company, 1989, 113-122.)

Magazines and newspapers have published letters and opinion pieces I wrote. Among them:

  • “Letters,” Time Magazine, November 28, 1968.
  • “The Evidence Is Suspicious,” Comment: The Wilmington News Journal, May 14, 2006 (A critique of The Da Vinci Code).
  • “Why Didn’t God Stop the Massacre,” Delaware Voice: The Wilmington News Journal, October 7, 2006 (A response to the killing of ten Amish school children).
  • “Reply All,” Christianity Today, November 2015. 

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title: Investigating Jesus the Messiah

author: Edward Strauss

category: nonfiction • subcategory: bible commentary • date submitted: 1.10.2017 • author id: StEV2P7M17

word count: 37,500


This book of apologetics is written in a popular, readable style. It focuses on Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, and to give a deep understanding, fully explores the events leading up to this climax. "Investigating Jesus the Messiah" delves into the influences that shaped the expectations of first-century Jews, and may be the most passionate, detailed, and faith-building study you will read on the subject. This book does an exhaustive examination of the scriptures, yet avoids becoming tedious by constantly presenting startling facts and painting a picture of the powerful forces driving familiar biblical events. The Jews went from seeing Jesus as a teacher and a miracle-worker to a great prophet, and many came to believe He was the Messiah who would violently establish God’s Kingdom in the land of Israel, so were ready to declare Him king a year before He rode into Jerusalem. Jesus’ own disciples were so caught up in the hopes of exalted positions in His Messianic kingdom that they were unable to see events hurtling to their shocking climax, so were devastated when Jesus was executed instead of being crowned.

About the Author

I have written 33 books, mostly apologetics and devotionals, and these were published by Zondervan and Barbour.

I have co-authored an additional 19 books, including 12 with the late Larry Burkett; these were published by Zondervan, Tyndale, Moody Press, and Chariot Victor.

I have contributed to 12 books of devotionals and to 2 Bible notes.

Barbour advertises me as an apologetics expert in the ad for my book, Heaven – The Inside Story from the Bible. I see readers interested in apologetics and understanding their faith as my main readers.


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title: Moishe's Journal

author: Fenton Ward

category: nonfiction • subcategory: bible commentary • date submitted: 12.19.2017 • author id: WaF9395517

word count: 40000


              Moishe’s Journal removes many Jewish and Christian misconceptions of the Exodus by placing it in the correct period of Egyptian history.  A broadly accepted major mistake is that Rameses II was the Exodus pharaoh.  (Cecil B. DeMille popularized that view in The Ten Commandments.)  For those more broadly Biblically read, other questions are clarified, such as: why do estimates of those escaping range from 30,000 to two million?  What was Israel’s genetic makeup?  And why do archeologists believe Jericho fell 300 years before Israel arrived?

              If one takes the Torah’s record seriously, allows the moon’s algorithms to define its dates, one can date the Exodus to the day.  That’s an audacious claim, but Moishe’s Journal sets out to show its exactness.

              Basically, Moishe’s Journal calculates the Exodus from the Messiah’s resurrection, viewing the length of Biblical events as historical.  When dating those events in the Jewish lunar calendar, what Moishe ben Amram, Moses, tells us fits Egyptian history—and Jewish holidays fall on the right date.  Suddenly, many of the seeming mundane events of Israel’s journey become understandable—even amazingly meaningful.  

About the Author

            In 1977, Fenton Ward founded a congregation of Jewish and International Christians in L.A.  In 1986, he resigned to develop Project Ingrafting, a Jewish outreach ministry.  He is the author of Passover, A Christian Heritage, a Passover Haggadah; What to Say When They Say “I’m Jewish,” a guide to reaching Jewish people; Government vs. God, a Twenty-first Century look at Revelation. 

            Ward holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Public Relations (Oklahoma State), a Master of Divinity (Southwestern Baptist), and a Doctorate of Ministry in Church Growth (Fuller).  He is a member of LCJE and was a delegate to Lausanne II in 1989.  He has also taught Jewish evangelism as an Adjunct Professor at Fuller in Pasadena, California. 

            Dr. Ward and his wife, Margaret, currently live on the California Monterey Peninsula. 


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title: Jonah & Nineveh: Beyond the Great Fish

author: Erbey Valdez

category: nonfiction • subcategory: bible commentary • date submitted: 2.10.2018 • author id: VaE7825018

word count: 32661


Jonah & Nineveh is a theological commentary on the OT book of Jonah. This book is (in my view) a well-balanced blend between a technical commentary and a theological discussion. This book is the fruit of over two years of intense study and research on Jonah. My book has been self-published through Xlibris, but I am intentionally seeking a contract with a publisher since I will be regularly producing new manuscripts every year. Additionally, this book has been translated to Spanish and is ready for publishing as well. All of my upcoming books will be made available in both English and Spanish. This is the current book description on the self-published book:

The book of Jonah is one of the best-known yet most misunderstood books of the Bible. Although widely known for its story of the “great fish,” many would miss the much greater story contained within its pages. Is the story of Jonah just a fable? Should we dismiss its message as simply an outdated children’s story? Although numerous works have been written on the subject, Jonah & Nineveh will challenge the reader in a variety of ways. Who was Jonah, and why did God choose such a rebellious prophet to fulfill his mission? If the “big fish” is not the main focus of the story, then what is its message? Is there a hidden meaning contained within God’s choice to save the notoriously hated people of Nineveh? Whether the reader is novice or seasoned, Jonah & Nineveh is sure to enhance the understanding of any student of the book of Jonah and the Bible.

About the Author

I currently hold 3 advanced degrees: a Masters in Education from Angelo State University, a Masters in Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Masters of Divinity from SWBTS as well. I am also currently doing PhD work towards a PhD in Biblical Studies and Biblical Theology. I am an ordained minister and have over 12 years experience as a Pastor, Preacher, Bible Study Teacher and Biblical Lecturer. I also have over 15 years experience in education, including 9 years as a public school teacher and 6 years as an administrator. I have 2 prior publications and I am currently producing at least 1 manuscript per year. I desperately seek to contract with a publisher because I fully anticipate both the quality and quantity of work I will produce as well as making each publication available in Spanish. 

This current book has been endorsed by several seminary professors which are printed on the back cover of the print copy (available below). Additionally, the forward has been written by Dr. Robert Welch, a notable seminary professor and local pastor. This is the current author summary on the author webpage at

Erbey Valdez (MDiv, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; MTS, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; MA Ed., Angelo State University; BA Ed., Stephen F. Austin State University) serves as an ordained Baptist Minister and Bible Study teacher in San Antonio, Texas, where he resides with his wife, Maricruz, and his two children, Marco and Cayla. Mr. Valdez has taught biblical studies, done public lectures, and served as pastor and preacher for over 12 years and has over 15 years’ experience as a public school teacher and school administrator. He and his wife established Possible Marriage Ministries in 2010 and currently serve in marriage ministries throughout the area. Mr. Valdez has two prior publications, Possible, and 101 Tough Christian Questions. He is also an active member of the Evangelical Theological Society and American Mensa Association.


These are the current book endorsements:

“Erbey Valdez has done an excellent job of dealing with the critical concerns of modern theological inquiry without losing sight of the ageless message of a most unorthodox and rebellious prophet. In Jonah & Nineveh, Valdez brings us face to face with the critical issue to fulfill the mission to present the gospel to all peoples even as we are challenged to surmount personal bigotries. Here, the message of God’s mercy as greater than prejudice rings loud and clear, challenging the church to opt for “souls over gourds.” Truly a book worth reading.

Rudolph D. Gonzalez, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


“In Jonah & Nineveh, Erbey Valdez provides those who are interested in understanding the message and meaning of Jonah both an insightful and helpful resource!”

Dr. Matt Queen, L.R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism, Associate Professor of Evangelism, Associate Dean for Doctoral Programs, Roy Fish School of Evangelism & Missions, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


“Erbey Valdez handles the book of Jonah with a theologian’s mind, a writer’s vision, and pastor’s heart.”

Dr. Robert R. Welch, Teaching Pastor, Parkhills Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas, Adjunct Faculty, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas


Jonah & Nineveh: Beyond the Great Fish really contains some good scholarship, but more than that it is a thoughtful and reverent consideration of the text with fresh insight.”

Reverend Robert Weston, PhD., Presbyterian Minister

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title: RevelationNotes: An Inspirational Commentary on the Book of Revelation

author: Greg Hinnant

category: nonfiction • subcategory: bible commentary • date submitted: 2.19.2019 • author id: HiG2726219

word count: 253322


RevelationNotes is a three-part, in-depth, verse by verse, non-polemical futurist view of Revelation with inspirational applications from nearly every passage and brief sermonettes at the end of each of the twenty-two chapters.

    My writing and teaching style makes this commentary informational, inspirational, and versatile--useful as a resource and, I pray, a blessing to scholars, ministers, and believers throughout the church.

About the Author

I'm a Bible expositor, Bible school instructor, and author of twelve titles in Christian living, devotionals, and commentaries. My publisher has shut down all new publications, so I'm searching for a new publisher. I've been writing for 30 years and have contributed to a number of magazines and one study Bible. I've taught in churches across America and also in Canada, Europe, and South Africa.  I attended Appalachian State University (Music Ed) and presently live in High Point, North Carolina.

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title: Leviticus: The Monterey Talmud

author: Fenton Ward

category: nonfiction • subcategory: biblecommentary • date submitted: 8.5.2020 • author id: WaFeLe18320

word count: 60000


Even Biblically-literate Christians neglect Leviticus because few understand it, including pastors. Reading this Jewish book through non-Jewish eyes limits most. Those who seek help in mastering it face an obstacle: lack of non-technical commentary. Too often, Christian writers have tried to hammer it into meaning for the Church; Jewish reviewers stick to the techniques of the offerings. Yet, if Jesus claimed the Law would outlast heaven and earth, it must still be important. Set in its time period, it becomes interesting and informative—yet speaks to all ages. The Monterey Talmud’s Leviticus is a commentary and translation of this book of Moses. It gives the non-Jewish believer Jewish eyes and draws the Jewish reader to see beyond its archaic procedures.

About the Author
Fenton Ward leads Project Ingrafting, a ministry with two goals: Jewish evangelism and countering mistaken Christian assumptions about the Jewish people. He is the author of Passover, a Christian Heritage, a Haggadah for Jewish and International Christians; What to Say When They Say “I’m Jewish,” a guide to explaining Christian beliefs within a Jewish context; and Government vs. God, a commentary on Revelation. Ward holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Public Relations from Oklahoma State, a Master of Divinity in Theology from Southwestern, and a Doctorate of Ministry in Church Growth from Fuller. He is a member of the Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelism and was a delegate to Lausanne II, in Manila. Though most of his work has been as a pastor and a missionary, he has also taught as an Adjunct Professor at Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, California.

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title: To Follow the Lamb: A Peaceable Reading of the Book of Revelation

author: Ted Grimsrud

category: nonfiction • subcategory: biblecommentary • date submitted: 4.7.2021 • author id: GrTeTo7021

word count: 100000


The book of Revelation, for many, seems hopelessly hard to interpret. It gives the impression of being full of frightening and confusing visions. However, To Follow the Lamb: A Peaceable Reading of the Book of Revelation shows that Revelation actually is fascinating, inspiring, and empowering. The key to reading Revelation is simple. Let’s take seriously the opening words of the book that tell us it is a “revelation of Jesus Christ.” Let’s expect Revelation to help us understand Jesus and his will for us. We may expect that Revelation shares the same basic sensibility that we find in the gospels and the rest of the New Testament. Revelation is an exhortation to discipleship—follow the Lamb wherever he goes! It offers a sharp critique of the world’s empires and of how people of faith to find ways to be comfortable within the empires. Revelation portrays God as merciful and peaceable—but engaged in a battle against the spiritual powers of evil, a fought with the weapons of love, not worldly violent weapons. To Follow the Lamb opens up Revelation’s blueprint for faithful living—resistance to the empires and embrace of the compassionate and healing love of the Lamb.

About the Author
Ted Grimsrud is Senior Professor of Peace Theology at Eastern Mennonite University. His PhD is from the Graduate Theological Union. He his books include The Good War That Wasn’t—And Why It Matters: The Moral Legacy of World War II; Instead of Atonement: The Bible’s Salvation Story and Our Hope for Wholeness; Compassionate Eschatology: The Future as Friend; Transforming the Powers: Peace, Justice, and the Domination System, and Triumph of the Lamb: A Guide to the Book of Revelation.  He is an ordained Mennonite pastor. His blog, “Thinking Pacifism” has over 1,500 followers and he is active on Facebook.

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title: The Life Abundant: The Quest For Spirituality in a Broken World

author: Jamie McLeod

category: nonfiction • subcategory: biblecommentary • date submitted: 9.16.2023 • author id: McJaTh22623

word count: 80000


The Gospel of John tells His disciples that he has come so that we might have life and have it in abundance. The Life Abundant explores how we can find the movement of the Spirit in every moment in a world that can be dismissive of faith.

About the Author
I was ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 2007 and have worked for the Church for almost three decades, serving churches in Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Alabama, and Kentucky as a pastor, interim pastor, youth leader, teacher, and in many other church roles. I currently teach at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where I offer courses on religion and human rights and am also interim pastor at United Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, Kentucky. I hold a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Theological, Historical, and Ethical Systems from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, master's degrees in Divinity and Theology from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Clemson University. By using my knowledge of scriptural criticism and exegesis I have developed a variety of church classes and book study groups exploring the many layers of biblical witness. I have a lifelong and deep faith and have served it through pastoring, youth ministry, teaching, extensive writing, and many other opportunities, from the academic perspective but more importantly from the day to day of church life. I have ministered to many whose faith has been shaken by the events of the last few years and it's essential that those who are open to Christ's teachings understand where faith comes from, stripped of much of the political and social overlay imposed by church bureaucracy. The book is intended for both general readers and ministers or lay church leaders. In addition to being a practicing minister, teacher, and writer, I have very active social media accounts, including over seven hundred on Facebook, and hundreds on Twitter and Instagram. I also have (considering the many churches I have served and my broad network of connections and supporters) significant opportunities in multiple states and cities for book signings and panel discussions, I also contribute to online religious publications, all of which would be invaluable to publicizing this book. The study questions at the end of each chapter of the book are also intended to generate discussion opportunities for Sunday and Wednesday night groups, all of which I am well-positioned to lead both in person and online. The book would also be appropriate to market as an eight-week course of study, tracking its chapter topics.

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