title: A Shadow of Doubt

author: Skye Hoffert

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 1.31.2013 • author id: HoS013

word count: 55,000


In Salaisia, a world inhabited by Fairions, Sprites, and Shadows, where myths and legends come to life and magic is more than fable. Saber, a young Shadow raised as a Prince, struggles to find the truth of his existence in a twisted string of lies that is far more tangled than he knows. When Saber inadvertently plays a role in the injury and near-death of his beloved little sister, his life comes crashing down around him. As the secrets of his past begin to unravel, he is forced to save himself by fleeing from the only home he has ever known. As he grapples with his emotions and strives to hold on to his convictions, he embarks on a search for truth. He is joined in his quest by Eririon, an old Fairion who harbors secrets of his own, and Twigdorwth, an eccentric, crusty wizard.

About the Author
Skye Hoffert lives in Kelowna B.C. She is a starving artist and blogger. Her love for all things fantasy fueled her desire to write her own fantasy novel. She spends her days doing archery, sketching, and working as a bookkeeper for her father's business. She is currently working on the sequel for A Shadow of Doubt.

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title: The Last White Faerie: Menace of the Witch Queens

author: Roger Taylor

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 3.22.2013 • author id: TaR9073213

word count: 53,000


I am seeking representation for The Last White Faerie, a fiction series for young adults that stars a powerful young heroine who is at once deeply grounded in Christian ethics and strengths and totally accessible to young readers.  Daphne, an adolescent faerie, wants nothing more than to simply guide the human children she loves.  But destiny won’t let her have her way.  With the evil witch queens primed to seize both the human and faerie worlds, Daphne must choose between what she wants to do and what she’s called to do.  Only she can claim the mantle of the last White Faerie.

The Last White Faerie offers a world peopled by characters of Good and Evil.  The faeries draw their power from nature, while the Red Queen and Black Queen make sacrifices to the Dark Powers in their attempts to conquer the world.  Later they are joined by the Emerald Queen, a mysterious, sinister “ally” whose motives are unclear.  Daphne must not only fight this triumvirate, but also save the humans who get in their way, both innocent children, and lost souls she puts back on the right path.  “Strength” is the watchword for Daphne, for she is a strong character both in powers and self-esteem, and a strong, confident female figure.  She is a role model who leads by example, fighting against not only evil witches, but against the cynicism of our modern world.

About the Author

Roger Taylor has been teaching English in the Los Angeles Unified School District for fourteen years.  He is the author of the self published Notes from the Element and Birchwood.  With one hand on the pulse of what young adults are reading, he has found a certain void in fiction that needs to be filled.  Popular books among young adults today too often lack moral characters and present weak role models, particularly for girls.

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title: FINAL OUTCOME: An Apocalyptic Mystery Thriller

author: James McPike

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 5.4.2013 • author id: McJ9360213

word count: 214,000


This ambitious novel takes you all the way from the war ravaged streets of the Middle East to the limits of outer space. For Lieutenant Lewis Snyder he thinks he's served his time in the war zone and retirement is the next thing. But nothing could prepare him for what is about to happen. Being the honorable soldier he is, he accepts a harrowing call from a decorated general to once again serve his country. Except this time, the mission is far greater than he could've ever imagined. Joining forces with NASA he meets up with the wonderful Brooke Kline to form the most cutting-edge team of the century. One of the team's members is an enigmatic preacher named Matt Murdock who seems convinced beyond anything of the nightmarish villain they're facing. They embark on a critical mission to another planet in the solar system so that they can recover a long-lost biblical treasure. But once they arrive there they soon realize they are not alone. The ancients left many clues and warnings that begin to be pieced together toward a shocking revelation. But can Snyder be the one to solve it all in time and save everyone before it's too late? This apocalyptic thriller pits good against evil in determining the FINAL OUTCOME . . .

About the Author

McPike's debut self-published novel FINAL OUTCOME was nominated for the 17th EVVY Awards. Only 5% of Outskirts Press books receive this honor. It also earned the silver medal from READERS FAVORITE for the Christian/Fantasy genre. He won the Ponderosa Lion's Club Spelling Bee Championship in 1997. His background includes paralegal experience and computer development/design. He is a certified Paranormal Investigator with the International Ghost Hunter's Society. Readers are welcome to visit his website at

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title: Sword and Dagger

author: John MacLeod

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 5.23.2013 • author id: MaJ3716713

word count: 101,000


Sword and Dagger, the first in a series with the working title Chronicles of the Singing Sword Brigade is a101,000 word, Y/A, adventure/fantasy illustrating conversion, spiritual growth and warfare.

Books two and three in the series are completed and a fourth is underway.


Artka gets swept up in events beyond his control when he and best friend Bilrood try their hand at highway robbery. He is caught, cast into prison, drafted into the empire’s army, trained for combat and sent off to war where he encounters both visible and invisible friendly forces, and human “enemies” that seek his well-being!

These enemy soldiers possess “mystical” swords that glow with engraved, cryptic runes that are instructions from their liege, Logon Xychirion.

Artka’s worldview is turned upside-down as he receives the king’s amnesty, encounters dangerous cusps, tophets, Sharpointers, Wholebladers, Daggermen, lion poachers and true friends on his quest into the Prophecy Mountains to find Saygus the Sage and be retrained to join Logon’s army.



About the Author

I recently entered a writing contest with this ms and though it didn’t win, I was notified that Sword and Dagger got high marks from some of the judges. I was advised to submit it for your review.


I have been a photo journalist for two New England newspapers, directed a street/coffeehouse ministry, served on various church boards, led youth groups, taught adult Bible studies and pastored house churches.

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title: Metahumanity

author: Emmanuel Jean-Pierre

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 6.7.2013 • author id: JeE705013

word count: 160,000


One million people have dropped dead in New Jersey in less than a year.

  No warning.

  No symptoms.

  No explanation.


  At the same time, a smaller group of people has developed paranormal abilities like healing and flying and no one knows why—not even these “metahumans” themselves. Afraid that these metahumans are terrorists or some kind of alien race, the military tries to exterminate them. So the metahumans must go on the run, trying to figure out where their powers are from while at the same time trying to stay alive. What follows is a quest for truth that leads to a mysterious revelation of the origins of the human race.

About the Author

Emmanuel Jean-Pierre is pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Alliance Theological Seminary and has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. He graduated from NJIT where he was the president of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship chapter and was involved with the New York City Urban Project which equips college students to combat human trafficking and homelessness in their cities. He is currently leading high school and middle school youth at his home church in Newark, New Jersey and is volunteering at a World Impact youth group in Newark as well.



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title: Strong Delusion

author: T.J. Allen

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 4.25.2014 • author id: AlT3634514

word count: 58500


What does a mission to Mars, ancient astronauts, and the alleged “face” and pyramids on the surface of the red planet have to do with the rise of the antichrist or the return of Jesus? Jeremy Johnson and his fellow astronauts find out when they encounter other “life forms” in their exploration. Is some of the crew just seeing things? Extraterrestrials, angels or demons? Or are they possibly infected with some hallucinogenic Martian virus that is driving them to wreak apparent self-inflicted harm, to resolve to irrational behavior and even to kill themselves? They discover that the simultaneous disappearance of millions on earth and even some among them and the supernatural empowerment of their commander are not just coincidental. Mavor is an old world Chaldean word for “the rebel.” In Roman and Greek mythology, Mavor or Mars Quirinus is the “god of fortresses”.

“And the king shall do as he wills. He shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak astonishing things against the God of gods. He shall prosper till the indignation is accomplished; for what is decreed shall be done. He shall pay no attention to the gods of his fathers, or to the one beloved by women. He shall not pay attention to any other god, for he shall magnify himself above all. He shall honor the god of fortresses instead of these. A god whom his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts.” Daniel 11:36-38, ESV

About the Author

T.J. has published over 100 online articles ranging from occupational safety to the spiritual condition of mankind. He received his Bachelors of Religious Education and has worked extensively obtaining his Master’s degree in psychology and counseling. He has served in church ministry for over 20 years as an ordained minister of the gospel. An avid reader, researcher, accomplished speaker and teacher he has brought a combination of his knowledge and experience to the work of helping people change their lives; spiritually, relationally, and psychologically. He has a weekly blog that he sends to subscribers in text and email form on biblical insight titled: It’s a Choice.

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title: The Book of Told

author: Kylie Gunn

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 5.10.2014 • author id: GuK357514

word count: 125,000


You have a combat position...

in the battle of words

between a master author

-and his rival.


An inconceivable setting.

A discovery.

A betrayal.

A war.

A forfeit.

A modification.

An unimaginable battle.

From ancient history… to the Final Chapters        

Brew discovers he is a single word in The Book of Told, written by an author he cannot see. This is the catalyst for a series of curious secrets, which draw him unwillingly into the greatest battle literarily fought—the Battle of Words.

Sabotaged by a rival understudy within his own story, the author—Leonard Told—must use what Words he can to create the most powerful statement ever declared! Brew’s character must stand up to the rival’s genius, and salvage Told’s reputation by garnering him all-time best-selling status.

What word are you in his story (history)?



In The Book of Told K A Gunn blends lived experience with metahistory, tragedy with punning, technology and theology.  Her story has too much life in it to be simple allegory, and reads as an extended meditation on the phrase, "in the beginning was the Word..."  Literary criticism is turned inside out and it is possible that your life might be also. 

Pastor R.D. Driver-Burgess, M.Th. 

About the Author

K A Gunn is an abolitionist, artist, lover of history and the Word of God. Putting these together in a three-dimensional timeline gracing the ceiling of her home, she learned alongside her family the genius structure of the story that is being told right now.

K A Gunn wrote this novel to create awareness for the A21 Campaign. 100% royalties are set up to go to A21 and the cover will bear the A21 logo and endorsement. She will be actively selling her book through awareness events and churches, also via her website .

A21 Campaign as supporting the books self-published (Westbow Press) release with their resources, combining the upcoming event as a slavery awareness promotion. A traditional contract is sought.

Get the story Told - for freedom!

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title: Eyes to See

author: David Taylor

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 7.25.2014 • author id: TaD2360114

word count: 64,000


Brief Description – Eyes to See
What if everything you know about the puzzle of your life is missing just a few, crucial pieces? Daniel’s father left him and his mother about the time Dan was learning to walk. Dan didn’t know his choice of physics as a career would set him on the same path as his father. As they travel the rocky road toward reconciliation they begin a project which will reveal those missing pieces and change lives around the world.
Meanwhile, Pastor Phil seeks to revive his shrinking, struggling church. He thinks a focus on the bible’s mandate to care for the earth will attract the environmentally minded. What he doesn’t understand is that he doesn’t build the church. Jesus does. And that the research pursued by Dan and his father will show everyone how creation itself has a ‘voice’ in the matter.

There is a sequel in the works. I am currently in the plot development stage.

About the Author

David A. Taylor retired from the Navy in 1995 and became a licensed audiologist in 1999. This is his first novel. David has been reading Christian fiction and non-fiction for 40 years and finally made the decsion to try his hand at fiction. He was an abstract writer from 1995 to 1999 for Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts. The potential market is adult readers who enjoy speculative fiction which examines the conjunction of science and faith. The structure of his business allows him ample time to promote his novel in bookstores and at literary events. Immediate placement in local Christian bookstores is available.

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title: The Legacy of the Lost Rider

author: Amanda Henry

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 3.3.2015 • author id: HeA6340115

word count: 108,000


With only her father’s stallion and her skills as a capable rider, Inesca evades the forces that would keep her trapped in the lowly Eastern Province after her father’s death and receives the honor of being chosen as a rider for the Great Races of Rienar. But is she ready to commit herself to this life? What of the clues that her father gave her about his past in Rienar? Many perils await Inesca as she tries to solve the riddle of her father’s decision to flee his homeland and leave two sons behind. But Inesca has other things to worry about. Rienar is being attacked by mercenaries who claim they will break the power of the Lords of the Rienar, the patrons of the Great Races. The races themselves are dangerous and nothing about the competition is friendly. What will Inesca do when she finds herself racing against her half-brothers?

Trusting that the God of her father has a plan for her life, Inesca uses what she has been given to face every threat and obstacle in her path, but the cost of uniting a family long-divided by secrets may be greater than she imagined.

About the Author

When I am not writing fiction, I teach as a full-time assistant professor at Hannibal-LaGrange University. My courses range from the study of literature in a variety of historical periods to subjects such as linguistics and creative writing. This past fall, I developed and taught a new course at Hannibal-LaGrange University over the fantasy literature of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and during the summer before that, I was responsible for editing accreditation reports for the university. My courses have proved popular with students, and through my connections with alumni, colleagues, and current students, my book could be effectively marketed and sold to its target audience.

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title: Portals, Passages & Pathways book 1: In the Land of Magnanthia

author: Bruce Maul

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 11.24.2015 • author id: MaB5656015

word count: 115000


Ever wonder, “Why am I here?” For Fourteen-year-old Simon Whittaker the answer is awaiting on the other side of a magic portal…but so is the darkest, primal evil.

One fall morning Simon’s best friend, Jessica Wells, asks him to join her family on a last-minute trip to Itasca State Park. Once there, Jessica reveals that her family has been watching over Simon his whole life because he holds the key to restoring peace to another world called Magnanthia. Unfortunately, someone, or something, has come through a portal looking for him.
Jessica needs to get Simon to the headwaters of the great Mississippi River where a secret portal awaits him at the river’s bottom.

When demented soul seers come through a portal looking for Simon, they find Jak Jakobsin instead. Jak is a sixteen-year-old boy with an extremely cruel disposition and a dark past. Seeing something in Jak that Bedlam’s overlord wants, the soul seers drag Jak through the portal, back to Magnanthia.

Befriended by a talking raven, Jak learns what Bedlam’s overlord plans on doing to him. Jak attempts to escape, but giant spider’s attack him and he’s almost eaten alive. Jak has no choice, but to stay in Bedlam.

It is in this way that two different paths are set in motion, destined to come to an electrifying climax.

About the Author

As a follower of Jesus Christ it is my deepest desire to accurately portray theological realities in my works of fiction. I am actively discipled and have brought a pastor into the review process of my work to insure clarity and orthodoxy before going to print. I am no stranger to writing. I have a degree in Secondary English Education with advanced courses in creative writing. In the Land of Magnanthia is the winner of the 2015 IPPY Awards for Best Sci-fy/Fantasy/Horror eBook.

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title: Nexus Abbey and the Curse of the Crying Queen

author: Henry Styron

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 12.11.2015 • author id: StH2879115

word count: 68,000


Teenaged Jiang Callery's adoptive father has abandoned her and her mother for a younger woman, and she resents it. A lot. And so Jiang takes out her revenge on her father in stories.

What Jiang doesn't know is that she is a Story-Maker, and her vengeful tales have the power to make things happen in other worlds. In a magical storybook land, a young dishonored queen comes under a powerful enchantment and her bitterness poisons the whole realm.

And so a bizarre cast of characters from Nexus Abbey, an interdimensional missionary church, recruit Jiang to set things right.

But can Jiang come to understand what forgiveness means in time to help the Crying Queen escape her curse?

About the Author

Jiang's journey from unforgiveness to forgiveness resonates with me, as this is an issue I struggle with in my own walk with Christ.  I have as well a great love and passion for the fantastic, and am conversant with science fiction and fantasy on many levels.  

This is my first novel; I've electronically published three works of non-fiction and am collaborating on a work on discipleship to be published soon.

I am a forty-seven year old Baptist minister with an active presence on Facebook and on my blog at

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title: Hope Remains

author: Rob Buck

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 1.24.2016 • author id: BuR2921216

word count: 56,200



Jacob Youniger tried to move on when Sarah rejected his plea for forgiveness. He had hurt her deeply. He wrote her asking for forgiveness and expressing his desire to marry her, but she never responded.

What Jacob didn't know was that his letter to Sarah, along with another letter he wrote the same day, were both stolen from the mail truck and never delivered. The other letter, written to a Dr. Shuler, gave evidence of a plot to wipe out an entire family, the Hopes.

When Cassie and Daniel Eagan find the undelivered letters three years later, while playing in an old shack in the woods behind their house, a quest begins to deliver them. This sets in motion an intriguing series of events and adventures centered on the mystery of the Hope family massacre and who Jacob Younginer really is.

In this story of resolve in the midst of broken relationships, Cassie hopes that her parents, who are separated, will get back together. Jacob hopes to find Sarah and deliver his proposal.

Professor Peter Anderson, long-time friend of Sarah’s and inventor of the EMSM, a way to send messages back in time, gets involved to help find Sarah.

About the Author


Rob has written articles for the Christian Standard and Columbia Star newspapers as well as the Reach-Out Columbia magazine.  

He received honorable mention in 2004 Inspiration-station writing contest.

He published a novel through Capstone (Now OakTara) entitled Beyond Time in 2007 through Writer's Edge.

He has 30 online articles published through Hubpages.

Rob just had a story published in a book entitled Precious, Precocious Moment, Grace Publishing 2015.

He is an active member of Word Weavers and attends two writing critiques a month. 

Since Hope Remains is now complete, he is currently working on a non-fiction book of Joy.

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title: END TIMES

author: Jerry Carroll

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 4.19.2016 • author id: CaJ7190916

word count: 155,000



All the great world religions foresee End Times and now it seems the great final battle between good and evil is about to be joined. This is a fantasy thriller set in today’s 24/7 news cycle.

A cop stops an amazingly handsome man walking down a country road. He gets the nickname Rex when it seems there is nothing he can’t do as Satan emptied his deep bag of tricks to give the false messiah everything, including mesmerizing charm and more brains than the Harvard and MIT faculties put together.

After a massacre of staff and patients that he barely escapes at an upscale drying-out clinic, the stranger meets a talent scout for TV commercials, Molly Simon, and before long becomes a movie box-office superstar, a baseball MVP and a rock celebrity. Trading on his fame and endorsement deals, he makes a bid for the White House. But there is a problem. As happened with Lucifer himself, Rex’s pride has created a rebellious spirit. Both want to ring in the End Times, but who reaps the evil rewards? In his fury at betrayal, Satan decides to kill his creation.

Uncertain at first about Rex’s purpose, a watchful archangel enlists the cop to protect Rex, and it ends up requiring a small army. Witnessing his rise to a single step from the top, Sergeant Alex Randall and Molly know it is time to stop Rex.

End Times is 155,000 words.

About the Author

Jerry Jay Carroll is a former journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle who was nominated twice for the Pulizer Price for feature writing. He is the author of TOP DOG, a New York Times bestseller that earned an A-grade from Entertainment Weekly. Recently revised to bring it up to date, it is available as an ebook. He also wrote INHUMAN BEINGS and DOG EAT DOG. His most recent book (self-published) is THE GREAT LIARS. I have nore than 3800 followers on Twitter and a Facebook page.

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title: Sun of Sorrows

author: Tony Randall

category: fiction • subcategory: SciFiFantasy • date submitted: 9.23.2016 • author id: RaT4321316

word count: 120000


Being born the descendant of a king doesn’t necessarily make you a great leader; just like living a life of crime doesn’t preclude you from becoming a hero.

The Sun of Sorrows is the beginning of an epic space fantasy that centers on a number of diverse individuals fighting to preserve a republic that was birthed after the fall of an empire that lasted over nine hundred years. Corrupt politicians wrangle for power while trying to use an overburdened military, warring crime cartels and zealous religious factions as their pawns. A small handful of patriots try to keep a looming coup at bay in the capital while a team of smugglers is tasked with saving the life of the last Founder of the Republic. Throughout their ordeals loyalties are tested, heroes are made, faith is challenged and friendships are betrayed.

A story with the narrative scope of Game of Thrones and the space faring enchantment of Star Wars follows a diverse casts of characters on individual journeys that reveal their true selves while they search for answers to what they truly believe in the arenas of faith, politics, family and romance.

About the Author

Anthony Randall is a native of Ohio who spent many of his formative years introducing himself as, “no, not THAT Tony Randall.” Anthony performed improvisational comedy in college before taking a sabbatical to Los Angeles to learn the art of screenwriting from an established writer. He used those skills to write and produce corporate and educational films and videos, including a PBS project that won an Obie Award and a local Emmy. After that he spent ten years as the head of the drama ministry at a three thousand member church where he wrote original productions as well as performed and directed. He later acquired a Juris Doctorate, earning praise for his writing along the way. Following law school he served as a behavior analyst for the Department of Homeland Security while performing respectfully in the prestigious Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition.

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title: Freak Unleashed: Journals of the End Times

author: Dave Cheadle

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 5.10.2017 • author id: ChD8011017

word count: 110000


Q: Would another LEFT BEHIND fantasy about an evaporated Church be an appropriate gift to a convulsing planet?

Freak says: no! And he’s risking his life to set the world straight.

FREAK UNLEASHED is the second book of a self-published Supernatural Apocalyptic Thriller series that is already drawing press interest and winning awards. (See news article:

Mark Hanson–the reluctant participant observer who narrates Freak’s campaign–gawks as a charismatic televangelist plummets from the heavens during a mid-flight explosion over the Colorado Rockies. On his side of the terror, the falling preacher meets a pair of angles who urge him to reset his message for the looming End of Days: no pre-trib rapture, and no far-fetched slick European religiously pluralistic Anti-Christ.

HINT: Watch for a 666 enemy of Israel–and of Christianity–who matches the prophecies better and is far more congruent with today’s daily news. Say, a resurrected Islamic Caliphate led by a Mideast Beast.

Story: Convinced he’s heard from God, the renewed preacher–with a face from hell–assumes the name, Freak. A beautiful television reporter and a likable cameraman join Team Freak in launching a prophetic global media blitz destined to awaken the church and to prepare humanity for the Apocalypse… and for the imminent return of the Lord.

As the prophet’s miracles and predictions create media frenzy and draw millions of followers, they also ignite the wrath of mortals and the deadly opposition of Dark Riders from beyond.

About the Author

DAVE CHEADLE has published over 150 articles and five books. His fiction, social history research and religious writing has appeared in St. Anthony Messenger, Cornerstone, The Church Herald, Sports Collectors Digest, and dozens of other venues. He is a pastor and church planter with credentials in philosophy, religion, English and history. He is a former teacher of high school literature and journalism, and he lives in Colorado where he founded and now leads the CenterPoint Missional Community movement in Denver.

Re: Marketing & Promotional Strategies… my kids are grown; my wife loves to travel. I can spar with the best of them. Read my samples, and let’s get this done!

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title: Outcasts of Mendalona

author: Ed Strauss

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 5.11.2017 • author id: StEV2P7M17

word count: 61900


Elves known as the Wendu have lived as slaves in the land of Orîma for 400 years, ever since they were defeated in battle and they and their queen were taken there in chains. They long to be free, to return to their homeland, Mendalona, and to  have their a kingdom again.
    Then, in one courageous act, Aluana Quillasingua, a highborn singing girl in a governor’s mansion, risks her life to take back the Tzîlura, the greatest treasure of the Wendu and the symbol of their ancient kingdom. She flees to a village of Elves, where she meets Bantaro Kelombé, a slave-warrior in Orîma’s army, and his friend, Dolgar. They set out that same night, intent on getting Aluana safely out of Orîma. They stay one step ahead of their pursuers and cross the desert to hills where Bantaro and Dolgar slay a dragon.
    Once in Mendalona, they meet runaway Elves who, under a self-proclaimed king, Nendo Wenyéan, have their own ‘independent’ city. But the price for dwelling within its walls is high: they must bow down to and pay tribute to the dragon, Arastael-raku, who dwells in the ruins of the Wendu’s ancient capitol. In the climax, Bantaro overcomes his deepset fears to slay the fire-drake, and Aluana forsakes romantic love that cannot be hers, and accepts a role she had neither sought nor desired—that of the Queen of the Wendu.

About the Author

I have written 33 books, mostly biblical apologetics and devotionals, published by Zondervan and Barbour. I have co-authored an additional 19 books, including 12 with the late Larry Burkett; these books were published by Zondervan, Tyndale, Moody Press, and Chariot Victor.

I have written a previous fantasy novel, “Krum and the Dragon” (Comfort Publishing). I am a Tolkien fan and  wrote ‘The Hobbit Devotional’ (Barbour Publishing), which was well-received, including by a pastor who said he was tired of same-old devotionals, but found that my book really spoke to him. I see teens and twenty-somethings as my present novel’s main readers.

If you are a publisher interested in this manuscript, please contact us at for contact information.

title: Sir Herman's Quest

author: Grace Stout

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 4.6.2018 • author id: StG7993618

word count: 21065


Sir Herman is an unusual knight. With his awkward, insecure nature, he's far from being a brave, dashing warrior. When the dragon returns to terrorize the people, will Herman be able to find courage to save the kingdom from a fiery destruction?

About the Author

My name is Grace Stout. I'm an aspiring author from El Paso, TX., and have written two books so far that I've published on I've always had a big imagination, and loved creating stories since I was a little kid. Now that I'm older, I'm hoping to use my passion to serve God.

If you are a publisher interested in this manuscript, please contact us at for contact information.

title: The Wall

author: Rick Stockwell

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 5.11.2018 • author id: StR0611718

word count: 110000


After a serious auto accident, Jackson Trotman is temporarily taken by his guardian angel into the heavenly realms, to a place called The Wall. There he is able to travel into the past, present, or future of anyone who has ever lived. He soon discovers that many of his friends—including his future wife—are destined for hell. When he returns to earth, he vows to rescue them from their fate, no matter the cost.

About the Author

Rick Stockwell is a first-time author who completed the Christian Writers Guild's Fiction That Sells course (mentored by Lissa Halls Johnson), along with the Apprentice and Journeyman courses (mentored by Kathy Tyers). Rick also attended numerous classes at Christian Writers Guild and Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conferences, and participated in an Advanced Fiction seminar led by Nancy Rue.


Rick graduated from Brown University with a degree in English and History, served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, and later earned an MBA at Emory University. He is married with two grown children, a daughter-in-law, and a grandchild on the way. Rick works as an IT project manager at a large insurance company, and he enjoys running, writing, and going to the beach.

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title: Closing Pandora's Box

author: Jasmine Sproule

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 3.5.2019 • author id: SpJ226419

word count: 182000


For hundreds of years, strange things have been washing up on the shores of Darcentaria. But when a young foreign woman named El is found unconscious on the beach amidst the burning wreckage of a strange metal craft, the villagers of Odessa are immediately suspicious – is she an agent of the Dalriadan Empire, their cruel oppressors for as long as they can remember? Or does she come from the Outside, the vast and legendary lands beyond their borders from which no man or woman alive has ever returned?

Torsten Eiselher, a talented young swordsman, has spent the last nine years of his life wrongfully imprisoned by his uncle, the Empire’s ruler. Betrayed and deceived at every turn, Torsten has survived by keeping a firm grip on his sword – and staying well away from anything to do with the Outside. But when his young sister is murdered, Torsten finds himself irrevocably drawn to El despite her Outsider heritage – and he begins to question everything he has been told about her world.

Intrigued by the existence of a powerful and dangerously advanced world within his reach, the Empire’s ruler, Jurien Arminius, launches a hunt for El and the two Outsiders that arrived with her – the ones who could help him win his war against Torsten and the rebellion that threatens to topple his Empire. 

Suddenly, Torsten is forced to choose between defeating his long-term enemy and saving the woman he has come to love…

About the Author

I am a registered psychologist and hold four degrees, including an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Clinical Psychology. Although I now work in private practice as a psychologist, writing very much remains my first love. I began writing Closing Pandora’s Box at the age of fourteen and finished it over twelve years later, in 2018.

I believe my practice of clinical psychology and my writing have only complemented and enriched each other: in many ways, authors are amateur psychologists in the way they delve so deeply into their characters’ psyches, and psychologists are, of course, practiced “people-watchers” whose keen observations of human nature can wonderfully apply to stories as well as to real life.   

Importantly, it is this background that I have brought to the writing of my first novel – to its story and its characters – and those that have read and loved my manuscript so far have commented on the richness, uniqueness and authenticity of my characters’ voices.

Although Closing Pandora’s Box is my first novel and foray into the world of Christian fiction, I would be eager to work with publishers on unique marketing ideas that would perhaps capitalize on my educational background and credentials.

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title: Visions of the Blind (Seers & Seekers - Book I)

author: Charity Hahn

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 4.27.2019 • author id: BiY2952619

word count: 45000


In the Seers & Seekers saga, parallel stories of angels, fallen angels, humans, and transhumans play out under the looming shadow of the apocalypse, the End Times. Book One, Visions of the Blind, is set in the distant future. A guardian angel comes to earth when a baby boy is born. But she’s not your typical guardian angel. She comes from Heaven, but Heaven didn’t send her. She’s not sure who did. She just follows the call of The Voice. Her descent to Earth coincides with the ascent of an ancient power from the depths of the Abyss. When this mysterious power invades the spiritual heart of her human, she must fight to help free him. She quickly learns that the path she has chosen leads to a dangerous place—maybe even to the end of Earth.

About the Author


Charity Hahn is the pen name of Dr. Yonatan Binyam. Dr. Binyam specializes in the history of Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity. He received an M.A. in the History of Christianity from Wheaton College Graduate School and a Ph.D. in the Religions of Western Antiquity from Florida State University. In his fictional works, he explores themes such as the intersection between Apocalypticism and the future of technology.

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title: Maelstrom Z

author: William Shifflett

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 11.26.2019 • author id: ShW2282419

word count: 74000


Qua Parker, a gifted Astroshark pilot, is also one of the last unbelievers on Earth with little interest in God. Seeking what enjoyment he can find in the dire situation, romance with China Andorrian, laughter with best friend Tim Zale, Qua little knows the God he refuses to believe in has ordained a unique plan for his life. Through mission preparation, and a desperation to find his missing friend, Qua is confronted with the evidence of God’s love. He learns at last that his assignment mirrors that of God’s Son Himself—Go to a world that doesn’t know you exist. Seek for a son who is missing. Bring him home again. In succeeding with the mission Qua sees the evidence of God’s enduring love and comes home to God himself.

About the Author

Based on feedback from my other self-published fantasy/sci-fi titles which comes from both readers and the professional editors I have worked with, I have a demonstrated ability to engage general readers as well as those within the genre of this title. (Sci-fi, Speculative). My greatest sales success as it relates to marketing has been in the street festival venues. These events are relatively cheap regarding entrance fees, provide exposure to thousands of people in a given day, and are a staple of spring through autumn activity in my region of Virginia. In the past I have participated in ten to fifteen in a given season, have secured newspaper features in some locations to coincide with the event, and have seen as high as thirty-four books sell in a single setting. These venues are especially important with the disappearance of brick and mortar stores for author exposure and are predominantly family focused which means large groups of Christian people looking for quality reading material.   

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title: The Rendering

author: Jasmine Sproule

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 12.9.2019 • author id: SpJ226419

word count: 105000


Sela is nineteen years old and a murderer.

Hunted by the wealthy, well-connected family of the man she accidentally killed, Sela Meriweather surrenders her freedom to face her chosen punishment. After she is unexpectedly sentenced to death, Sela is at the last moment offered another option: lifetime voluntary exile to Azazel, the enormous prison-island where, alongside dangerous criminals like herself, firstborn children of the Old Town chosen by the lot are sent to atone for the sins of their families… the same prison where her oldest sister Liri was sent six years ago, never to be heard of again. Hoping to be reunited with Liri and atone for her terrible crime, Sela agrees to go into exile, not knowing that Azazel is a punishment far worse than death…

That is, until she meets Caleb Alexander, one of the elected Righteous, whose path to widespread renown is guaranteed so long as he can last a year as an overseer, preventing the other guards from fraternising with the prisoners. Drawn to Azazel’s most recent arrival, Caleb wrestles with the implications of his new role and is haunted by the rule that forbids any contact between jailer and prisoner. When the prisoners of Azazel involve Sela in their plans to mutiny against the Old Town’s rule, Caleb is forced to choose between his growing regard for Sela and the beliefs that form the very fabric of his society.

After fate delivers a devastating blow, Sela and Caleb must work together to stay alive, while uncovering the truth behind the very powers that created Azazel in the first place. While Caleb tries to resist his growing attraction, Sela struggles with the weight of her past. How can she find absolution for the guilt staining her soul? And what will happen to Sela and Caleb’s fledgling friendship when he discovers the truth about her past – a truth which could divide them permanently?


The first installment of a romantic historical fantasy duology, The Rendering is set in a fantasy world equal parts Poldark, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Count of Monte Cristo and is a fast-paced, action-packed tale of forbidden love, high adventure, devastating betrayal, and unexpected redemption, exploring the nature and extent of God’s forgiveness in a world where mercy and judgment are continually at odds.   

About the Author

I am a qualified psychologist and have four degrees, including an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Clinical Psychology.

I have been writing for 13.5 years now, and The Rendering is my third book. My debut novel, another Christian historical fantasy duology and a transformation of the epic Ben-Hur, will be published in 2020 by a US-based traditional publisher, under the nom de plume J. J. Fischer. 

I am an avid blogger and manage a growing social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. My non-fiction work has previously been published by The Gospel Coalition Australia.

The Rendering is intended for an adult audience of at least 18+ years. It does not contain any gratuitous violence or sexually explicit material. The book targets a Christian readership but is appropriate for a non-Christian audience due to its allegorical nature. It will appeal to readers of Christian romance, historical fiction, and fantasy.

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title: Gods They Had Never Known

author: Julie Helms

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 12.17.2019 • author id: HeJ1701919

word count: 80000


They will enhance your life,

Enlarge your fortune,

Strengthen your body,

Destroy your soul.


The Guardians look down from their mountaintop to the valley of men below—and they desire the women they see. Abandoning their rightful home, they infiltrate mankind peacefully…with disastrous consequences.

Haven, a young man of strong faith, lives in the pleasant valley that is now under invasion. A blind prophet has warned the people for years, but Haven is the only one listening. The Guardians, who look like men but are not, exchange wisdom of the mountains for the use of the mortal women. Everyone turns a blind eye to the monstrosities born of these unions in their greed for this forbidden knowledge that improves their lives.

As violence and depravity increase in the valley, Haven desperately tries to convince the people—and the woman he loves—that judgement is coming, putting himself in the crosshairs of both the Guardians and their malevolent offspring.

In this epic retelling of 1 Enoch: Book of the Watchers and Genesis 6:1-4, experience the plunge into chaos when the divine order of creation is violated, leading to idolatry, corruption, and the threat of extermination.

About the Author

Julie Helms holds a bachelor's degree in biology and is a freelance editor. She worked for RR Donnelley as an editor for CreateSpace marketing matierials for several years. She has written articles that were purchased through Helium/RR Donnelley for content on blogs and nonfiction books. She also wrote content for Pixel & Hammer, a website developer.

Julie is passionate about the topic of this book and has taught Bible studies at her church on it. The response to the studies was tremendous; she heard the same thing over and over during the studies--"This is right here in the Bible, why have I never heard this before?"-- leading her to the idea of fictionalizing it to reach a broader audience.

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title: The Latirium Crystal

author: Ethan Bressler

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 2.19.2020 • author id: BrE1753620

word count: 47000


Hidden away in the woods at the foot of the Eastern Mountains is the Latirium Crystal, a long-forgotten artifact that has kept Eram safe for a millennium. Only Ragmire and Ilithera, the protectors of the crystal, know of its existence. This wizard and elf have kept themselves cut off from the rest of the world to ensure the safety of the precious crystal.

But their watch has been quiet for so long that their vigilance wanes. Over time they develop a friendship with a young man named Simon and give him a magical amulet, which he promises to keep hidden. But when a wild boar endangers the lord's son, Simon uses the amulet to save him. As a reward Simon is made a page in the castle. But as events unfold around him, it appears that someone is orchestrating a plot that could endanger the whole of Eram.

About the Author

Ethan Bressler was raised in a large family that had so many books, they needed eighteen bookshelves for all of them--and that didn't count all the books in the attic. He has been writing fiction for eight years between going to college and reading tons of books. As a Christian writer, he wants to be able to provide young adult and teen readers with exciting stories while offering positive role models and good principles through the actions of his characters.

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title: A Faithful, Gentle Knight


category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 4.25.2020 • author id: WOKAA 8720

word count: 2200


A Lady of the King's court.  A dragon. A vicious attack. Poison. Ministrations by the King's physicians. Pain. Fear. An unnamed knight who is the Lady's constant rescuer, encourager, and champion. These are the elements of a fantasy rendering of a spiritual journey that combines the best of a ripping good yarn with subtle spiritual nuances to engage the reader in wonder, anticipation, and spiritual enrichment.  

About the Author
Kathy Woodward is a lifelong storyteller. She incorporated story into her early teaching career, then into a 40-year legal career. Prior to her retirement in 2019, she spoke extensively throughout Ohio for the Ohio State Bar Association and for local legal and professional organizations.  Most recently she has embraced storytelling for its own sake. Kathy combines her art as a wordsmith, travel, and her mature faith as a lifelong Christian to regale audiences of all ages with tales from folklore, history, the Bible, and the humor and pathos of ordinary extraordinary people.  She most enjoys the Irish traditional tales, and she is perpetuating the ancient tradition of the Irish seanachie-storyteller. Her most relevant qualification to write this story is that she is living it.

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title: The Beads of Mog

author: Frederick Mehrmann

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 6.5.2020 • author id: MeFrTh12520

word count: 134000


What if the holy rosary was made from more than just beads of glass, plastic, or wood? What if the beads were truly composed of sorrowful tears? The people of Fruitwood are enjoying peaceful and happy times, or so they believe, until one man, Dominic, brings the Beads of Mog into their lives. What will happen to Holly, Solomon, Casper, Wesley, and so many others, when they are introduced to the power of the Beads of Mog? Far across the Great Blue Mountains, Satack, the evil and heartless prince of Horriden, is biding his time. Will he succeed with his abominable plan to spread his lies and malice even to Fruitwood?

About the Author
Fred, and his wife of forty-one years, live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and are daily communicants at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in the town of Lincoln, where he is a dedicated lector and extraordinary minister. Fred’s a proud father of four, grandfather of nine, and godfather of four. He was born on the First Saturday of May in Maryland and hopes The Beads of Mog evokes a spark of devotion to our Blessed Mother’s sorrows and holy rosary. Totus Tuus Theotokos!

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title: Aaron

author: Brittany Miller

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 6.15.2020 • author id: MiBrAa13920

word count: 45000


Aaron has always felt different. Less physically mature than other 16-year-old guys at his school and having never dated a day in his life, Aaron has learned to live with the rumor that he’s gay. Needless to say, he’s not looking forward to his junior year. But when a white horse with wings known as Espíritu mysteriously shows up—flying him to Paraíso, city of the King—Aaron discovers that he’s one of the King’s warriors. Upon returning to earth, he suddenly finds himself being followed around by a tall guy with wings—a criado named Chee. So much for privacy. When will Aaron catch a break? Why does Chee keep asking for his phone? Does his guardian criado know about his secret addiction? Aaron decides to befriend Sara and Abby, two girls at his school who are warriors just like him. What does he have to lose? Maybe they can help answer the nagging questions in his mind--like why is there now a dark shadow with wings and claws following him around? Being a warrior of the King is turning out to be a lot more dangerous than he thought…

About the Author
B.K. Miller is the author of four self-published books. At her most recent book signing at Barnes and Noble, she was told they’d never seen so many sales at a signing. She has been teaching or substitute teaching for nearly 15 years. B.K. Miller is close friends with Pastor Mark Jones, one of the biggest fans of her books and worship pastor of First Baptist Church O’Fallon, the largest Southern Baptist church in Illinois with about 1,600 regular attenders.

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title: The Scent of Heaven

author: Shawn Gotch

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 10.30.2020 • author id: GoShTh27420

word count: 95000


Elevator Pitch: What if you stumbled upon a hand-written journal that chronicled a person’s experiences in the afterlife, and it serendipitously shattered every notion of heaven that you've ever had? The Scent of Heaven is the enchanting journal of Aubrey Lewis, an experienced news writer, who struggles for words to write the story of a lifetime – his own death and the celestial odyssey which followed. 

After encountering exotic creatures more fantastic than earthly dreams, Lewis is given the opportunity to see alternate lives which he might have lived if he had chosen differently on earth at certain key moments.  In due course, the Angelic Corps asks him to serve as an embedded war correspondent in The Human War.  As he journals raging battles between angels and demons for human souls, a watershed moment is thrust upon him.  Lewis must decide whether to safely remain the silent chronicler or risk all to try to save someone he loves.

(N.B. – A concise, chapter-by-chapter, synopsis of the entire novel is available upon request.  Also, detailed marketing and demographic data about belief and interest in heaven from the Cornell University-based Roper Center, the Pew Research Center, and Gallup/Newsweek is available from the author upon request.)

About the Author

The author earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, from Asbury College in the field of Biblical Studies, with dual minors in Greek and Philosophy.  He also earned a Juris Doctor degree, cum laude, from Mercer University to take up the art of oral and written persuasion.  Over the course of 20 years, he has become an expert in colorfully narrating compelling stories about his clients to judges and juries. Marketing research shows that belief and interest in heaven is very strong and cuts across every major adult demographic group.  In many books, readers follow a protagonist who goes to heaven and encounters God, angels, or a wise human, but the readers often hit a glass ceiling and don’t see much of heaven itself.  The Scent of Heaven shatters that glass ceiling and reveals a very detailed world of adventure for humans with a history, geography, flora and fauna all its own.

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title: Taking Down the Giants

author: Mary Trask

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 11.18.2020 • author id: TrMaTa29220

word count: 56000


Former orphans and heroes on the island of Kumani find themselves desiring new challenges.  Twelve-year-old Eliam, frustrated with life, sees his confidante, eighteen-year-old Jessah, leave for training as an aerial warrior to ride upon the giant golden eagles. Disheartened, Eliam discovers a campsite in the woods.  There he meets a man claiming to be his grandfather from the island of Ganix and learns the truth about his deceased parents. Later, the boy sees a hut on the beach and investigates.  The fugitive, Zeleg, recognizes him and in retaliation, offers Eliam some drug-laced tea. Unconscious, the boy is launched out in a canoe to drown. Chen, one of the three sovereigns, intervenes by assigning angelic warriors to transport Eliam’s canoe to the island of Ganix.  The boy’s destiny unfolds as he learns to use the resources he’s been given. On Kumani, aerial warriors are enlisted to help find the missing individuals.  Disregarding directions, Jessah investigates an encampment on her own and is captured by Revolutionists and imprisoned. Once discovered, Zeleg admits to setting Eliam adrift at sea and witnessing Jessah’s capture. Island leaders realize he is their only means to infiltrate and rescue Jessah while hoping to avoid a war.

About the Author

Mary Trask is a published author of five books, the first two of which were published in 2009 and 2011 by Destiny Image.  Her most recent books, an exciting Christian fiction trilogy, were self-published in 2019 with the last book being released in December.  The trilogy allegorically describes the events of 2020.   She is a gifted teacher with prophetic insights on current events.  She has spoken at a number of gatherings throughout Washington, Georgia, and in Florida and will continue to encourage people wherever she goes.

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title: Avalon

author: Aaron Friedrick

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 5.12.2021 • author id: FrAa"A10121

word count: 70000


It was the year 2498, and Tarro had worked hard to become a Peace Officer, a member of the police force that maintained the peace and security of the city of Avalon, home to the world’s elite class of citizens.  Despite all his accomplishments, he now watched helplessly as his beloved Nya stood with her fellow prisoners in a trial that was no more than a charade to entertain Avalon’s citizens. He had loved her since their days at the Academy, and back then he never would have imagined this.  He had finally graduated and entered Avalon as a distinguished citizen and officer.  But then he began to see the tyranny of the Kreplin, Avalon’s government, which had ripped her from him. His years in Avalon — the police work, the village raids, the undercover operations — seemed to have accomplished nothing except to bring Nya back to him with a devastating end.  Heartbreak and unhappiness had taken their toll on Tarro.  Now with Nya’s demise looming, the anger and despair threatened to overcome him.  There seemed to be no hope . . . or was there?

About the Author

Aaron Friedrick graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served in the Navy as an aviator.  Currently, as a graduate of the Expositors Seminary with a Masters of Divinity, he serves as a pastor in Jacksonville, FL.  He has published several children’s books with Day One Publishing.

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title: Discovering Ataraxia

author: Nancy Gravatt

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 9.27.2022 • author id: GrNaDi23722

word count: 76000


Imagine moving to a house left by your eccentric great aunt and discovering that the magical picture hanging upstairs is the window to an alternate universe with talking animals and a battle between two kingdoms about to begin. That’s how Allie and her brother, S.J., discover Ataraxia, a peace-loving kingdom populated by diverse species of animals who live in harmony and seek to do so with neighboring Malvelnia. But shrewd King Wendigo and his league of predators have no interest in harmony. They want to assert their control over the peace-loving Ataraxians. Amid Allie and S.J.’s efforts to help Ataraxia prevail against selfish bullies, an innocent lamb’s exile to The Abyss results in a dramatic climax. Allie and S.J. learn lessons there that will come in handy as they face their own struggles in a new hometown, experiencing the bullies, cliques, and adjustment pains to which every kid can relate. Allie, who keeps the pain of her father’s death buried deep within, must decide whether she’s ready to open her heart to new friends.  

About the Author

Nancy Gravatt has written for American Libraries, Today’s Christian Living, The Washington Post, and Compass, a missions newsletter. Her work for world missions has taken her to Cambodia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. Active in her church, Christian charities, and two Christian organizations, she has built a supportive network of contacts. She has also written content for two Christian websites. Earlier in her communications career when she served as a travel industry spokesperson, she appeared on various broadcast media, including the Today Show. Her work with the American Library Association and a large library system in her region would provide speaking and promotional opportunities. She has a graduate degree in political science and an undergraduate degree in journalism.

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title: Casting Shadows: The Living Light

author: Philip Stonhouse

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 9.27.2022 • author id: StPhCa23922

word count: 80000


As a professional photographer, Paul believes he knows about light and darkness, until one day a mysterious LED sign begins speaking to him, directly guiding him. At first, the sign’s words are simple, almost comedic like a fortune cookie, saying things like, “Leave the last muffin,” or “Buy a flower.” Paul finds himself struggling between joy and confusion, obedience, and avoidance. As time passes, the sign’s words become increasingly significant, leading him through some of the greatest and worst moments of his life. When at last there seems to be a new day dawning on his shadowed life, Paul finds himself invited into a brand-new world where good and evil come to life in light and darkness. Pulled between the nightmarish shades and the angelic lumen, Paul will never be the same as he learns how difficult it is to walk in the light without casting a shadow.

About the Author

Rev. Philip Stonhouse is a stage actor turned priest who graduated from Wycliffe College with a Master of Divinity. He has a variety of writing experiences. Highlights include: a poem and short study published by UofT, a collaboration with a visual artist exploring the idea of love, and an original short film selected and screened by the Reelworld Film Festival. He leads a church and publishes diverse content regularly to share and spread the Christian faith ( Rev Philip enjoys writing extended parables where YA+ can explore their faith in new ways.

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title: Kairoscope

author: Efrain Gatuzz

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 10.31.2022 • author id: GaEfKa27122

word count: 40109


KAIROSCOPE contains 13 short stories, each one inspired by different temporal measurements,  from Planck's time to the billions of years that constitute the current age of the Universe. Intergalactic tournaments, TV programs, conversations between spiritual beings, scientific investigations, and encounters with aliens are some of the proposed scenarios.

About the Author
My name is Efrain Gatuzz. I am a professional astronomer working at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Munich, Germany. I am also a Christian believer and an ordained Pastor. I have published 2 books in Spanish through the Amazon publisher system (i.e. self-published). I also have published several short stories in science-fiction magazines such as NM, Coscmocápsula, Sci-Fdi, Planetas Prohibidos and Almiar as well as in anthology books from micro-stories competitions. I also have wrote one article for Christianity Today about the Star of Bethlehem.

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title: A Knight Out of Time - A Sword for Eternity

author: Ross Kleypas

category: fiction • subcategory: scififantasy • date submitted: 8.16.2023 • author id: KlRoA 19523

word count: 172000


Three worlds, bound together in time and space by the love of a Savior.  Earth, redeemed by the Cross, broken Oragoth, populated after the Resurrection to stand against fallen Brillig, doomed to destruction unless the Gospel frees it.  Tragedy unites Jason, son of Earth, and Y’narra, daughter of Brillig, in an unlikely pairing as they undertake an epic quest across two planets to halt the subjugation of Earth by its old gods. The ancient gods abandoned their thrones at the dawn of history in search of a home beyond God’s dominion.  They discover another timeline outside of Earth’s universe, a remnant left from the creation event.  They settle on Brillig, a world they must terraform to make habitable. They soon realize Brillig is doomed despite their herculean efforts to keep it viable, and they embark on the voyage to reclaim their thrones on Earth.  But they find a third timeline stands between them and Earth, one created after the Resurrection and which they must conquer if they are to reach Earth. A Knight out of Time is Christian fantasy suffused with elements of science fiction.  Taking place over three novels, Jason, a rising star on a Triple A Baseball team, and Y’narra, the daughter of the main villain, are swept up in God’s plan to prevent the old gods return to Earth. Before they can confront the old gods, Jason must let go of the accident that took his career away and Y’narra must shake off the yoke of bondage to them to make the journey past salvation to a complete trust in God’s plan for her life.

About the Author
Ross Kleypas lives in Texas with his wife and two children.  He works as a cost engineer in the oil and gas industry.  He enjoys astronomy, woodworking, hiking and biking. He received a few writing awards in high school and college, writing fiction and non-fiction for the school magazines.  He received a journalism degree from the University of Houston, and though not working in that field, his writing has served his career well.  He has extensively read secular and Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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