title: Overnight Delivery

author: Nathan Birr

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 5.4.2013 • author id: BiN5308113

word count: 87000


           Private Investigator Jackson Douglas intends to sleep half of his 30th birthday away. After all, it’s just another painful reminder of the tragedy his life has become, and avoidance seems to be the only coping mechanism that works. 

            But plans change when Jackson’s neighbor Connie calls and asks him to check out a potential date for her out-of-town niece. Then a Valley Girl named Shay hires Jackson to help her deliver tribal woodcarvings to wealthy L.A. clientele. Both cases seem innocuous, but as Jackson splits his time between them and his concerned loved ones, he is nagged by the feeling that things are not what they appear.

            When Shay disappears, Jackson’s ambiguous misgivings begin to take shape and he finds himself thrust into a decade-old feud between rival Los Angeles gangs. Jackson spends the night chasing across Los Angeles, using every resource to help Shay while simultaneously seeking the truth behind her real identity. From a midnight rescue attempt to a plunge into the harbor in Shay’s car to a raid on a warehouse that doubles as a gang hangout, Jackson finds his life in danger at every turn. Only when he must again rescue Shay from gangsters does Jackson realize his cases are intertwined, leading to a showdown with a gangster while lives hang in the balance.


About the Author


      Nathan Birr is a freelance fiction writer who lives in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. His novels blend intricate mysteries with high-stakes adventures while probing his characters’ deepest thoughts and emotions. They are also infused with witty humor and pop culture references, targeted at those in the latter end of Generation X. When not writing, Nathan enjoys playing and watching sports and spending time with his family.


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title: Tiny Tim & The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge, The sequel to A Christmas Carol

author: Norman Whaler

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 4.28.2014 • author id: WhN4823014

word count: 17,000


In this ghostly little Christmas tale “after TINY TIM didn’t die” (1843), and EBENEZER SCROOGE became “as good a man as the good old city knew", fourteen Christmases have now passed since Scrooge’s miraculous reclamation (1857). Years earlier, Tim and BECKY (a school sweetheart) fall in love, but are denied to be married by Becky’s family. Here begins the seeds of Tim’s anger and rejection of God whom Tim feels has betrayed and abandoned him. Now, with the death of Scrooge, his friend and benefactor, Tim feels God’s abandonment complete. Tim’s crisis of faith comes to a head with a total rejection of Christmas as he demands, ”Where is God in our lives?” SCROOGE’S GHOST is allowed to return on Christmas Eve to teach Tim a real understanding of faith and the true meaning of Christmas!



About the Author

I wrote this book with my father. We both have a love for everything Dickens. Aways we wondered what happened to Tiny Tim "after he didn't die".  How would the story continue...?

This little Christmas book has original Christmas music written as part of the story, and music and lyric sheets are located at the end of the book.  I intended the e-book version to be interactive with music and also with sounds (Ex: Bell tolling midmight). The hard copy could also have a CD of Chrstmas music on the inside cover. The book is also color illustrated throughout.

My father was an English major and a classical and jazz pianist and composer. He wrote all the Christmas music in the book. I graduated with honors in English and Histroy.

But, one of the biggest selling points? It is the sequel to Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL!

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title: Kalaloch Killings

author: Mitchell Owens

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 7.26.2014 • author id: OwM4350614

word count: 70,000


Ian's stellar reputation in the FBI for identifying and tracking serial killers was legendary.

Then, one case changed everything.

Assigned to a case of bizarre murders on the remote Washington coastline of Olympic National Park, Ian is completely stumped to come up with a profile. The case leads him to his estranged brother, physicist turned pastor, Darwin, and Ian realizes that his brother may be the last chance at solving the murders.

The killings carry religious overtones which are completely lost on lifelong atheist Ian, but not on his born again brother Darwin.

With the Biblical underpinnings of the case at the forefront of their conversation, Darwin uses apologetical arguments to try and persuade his brother to believe that there is a God while working to solve the case.

But the serial killer tests Darwin\'s faith when the killer takes his son.



About the Author

Mitchell Owens is a pastor, writer, and President of For The Family Ministries ( receives over 165,000 visits and exceeds 193,000 pageviews monthly.

Mitchell\'s work has been featured multiple times on and

In addition, he and his wife Rhonda are co-authoring a family devotional with Patrick and Ruth Schwenk ( to be released in September 2014.

Marketing opportunities for Kalaloch Killings include,,,, and other blogs associated with For The Family Ministries.

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title: High Deceit

author: Chris Waterman

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 8.25.2014 • author id: WaC8023314

word count: 73000


Robin Clayton is a policeman’s wife who gets the worst phone call of her life. Her husband, Mark, has been shot in the line of duty. Or was it? While he lies helpless in a coma she finds out he is suspected of having an affair, taking bribes, and even murder. Can Robin and her friends prove his innocence and find the guilty party before it’s too late?

Tony Rossetti is excited to do more in his parent’s restaurant until he discovers the family business includes a drug operation and possibly murder. How could God ever love someone like him?

Maggie wants to help her best friend, but what if Mark is guilty the way they all say? How will Robin’s God come through then?

High Deceit is a suspense filled mystery about trust, friendship and God’s mercy.

About the Author

Chris has been an avid mystery reader since she was a child. Women ages 25 and up who read books by Terri Blackstock and Brandilyn Collins will enjoy reading High Deceit.

Chris edited a promotional newsletter for a window company, writing some of the articles and editing others. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and has been in the oil and gas industry for years.

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title: No Body of Evidence

author: Lenore Hammers

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 2.4.2015 • author id: HaL0651515

word count: 94,000


"We can't have an investigation without a body". That's what the police are saying.

New York City, circa 1925. Kathryn McDougall has no business looking for Jason Thornbridge, a man who has been missing less than 24 hours. She has even less business involving Thomas Purdell. They are an unlikely pair: She an Episcopalian missionary whose husband disappeared on the mission field, and he the son of a prominant New York Publisher. But Kathryn's curiosity gets the better of her, and Thomas is determined to help her.

A neighbor swears she saw Thornbridge returning home at midnight the day he disappeared. Another witness saw Thornbridge commit suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge earlier that same night. Who is lying? And what really happened to Jason Thornbridge?

The answer to that question will draw Kathryn and Thomas into a dense tangle of secrets. Discovering the truth will put them both in danger, but perhaps the greatest danger is their own developing relationship which threatens to disrupt their lives in ways they never anticipated. 

About the Author

Lenore Hammers is a clinical social worker, who has been writing since the age of nine. She graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy with a major in creative writing.

She served for ten years on the staff of Cru, a Christian ministry, and is heavily involved in one of the five Episcopal churches in New Haven, Connecticut. She has strong ties to the Christian community in New England. She also enjoys knitting and making jewelry, and plans to sell her crafts and books on her website and at craft sales.

Ms. Hammers had attended the Unicorn Writer's Conference in Connecticut for the past four years, and hopes to sell her book at those conferences.

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title: Starting Over in the Past

author: Ella Rydzewski

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 4.22.2015 • author id: RyE2102915

word count: 53,000


 My novel tells the story of Catharine, a career professor, who faces widowhood after losing her Japanese physicist husband of thirty years. She questions the circumstances of his death because of a mysterious letter he left for her. Two years later she sacrifices her career at a prestigious seminary to teach at a small Bible college in rural Pennsylvania and care for her aging mother. However, the ominous letter still haunts her as she learns secrets of her husband\'s past. Meeting an old classmate from her college days there adds a romaintic spark to the story.

Within this setting Catherine wrestles with life issues such as grief, religious differences, care giving, falling in love again, deep theological questions, and the struggle between faith and science.

This Christian novel attempts to uphold the virtues of morality, forgiveness, religious tolerance, and honesty within the lives of two middle-aged people starting over in life while facing unresolved issues of the past. It is rare to find a Christian novel about the unique challenges of middle-aged women, and my novel attempts to fill this gap.

About the Author

 My writing experience includes ten years plus of working for a Christian magazine as an assistant to the editors.  I wrote and had published more than 200 articles, editorials, and book reviews during that time.

My education includes a B.S. degree in the psychology of organizations and graduate courses in theology. I have attended several writers\' conferences over the years and last year completed the fiction course of the Christian Writers Guild.


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title: Warriors With Holy Hands

author: Peter Toeg

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 8.10.2015 • author id: ToP5493515

word count: 90,000


This is a story of three family generations over the course of a century and the indisputable connections that exist: words spoken and actions taken that have a lasting effect, bridging yesterdays and tomorrows.

In this spiritual odyssey, a young woman, Ruth Falk, stricken with illness and then orphaned, searches for answers today in diaries, records, and photos that, she believes, only her bloodline may reveal. And, in the process, she encounters murder, darkness, and--just maybe--a miracle or two. This is really her story, the past generations leading to her.

What she doesn't expect--where the roots lead--climaxes at the end and life as she knows it now it will never be quite the same. Once burdened, hurting, and lost, Ruth finds faith in her God and experiences discovery, redemption--and an altar in the Southern Highlands where wonder resides.

Warriors With Holy Hands is a mystery that is finally, shockingly, revealed as serendipitous fruit from the branches of a family tree.

About the Author

A writer of technical material for 25 years, the author is a trained journalist who taught communication and media writing at a small Midwestern college.

He is on the board of Smiling Maven Ministries reaching out to both Jews and Gentiles with a message of hope in the rich tradition of Judaism, which is woven into Warriors With Holy Hands.

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title: The Day without Yesterday

author: William Rossbach

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 11.19.2015 • author id: RoW6102014

word count: 91,000


In spite of being raised by a Christian, Branch was a lifelong agnostic. He was a writer, adventurer, and former UFO hunter. Now he finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime with his sidekick, Roddy, and a beautiful, albeit irritating, Christian archaeology writer named Linda.

The mysteries they uncover in science and politics cause him to realize he lives in a world where so much of “reality” is not at all what it seems. They travel all over the world trying to piece together an ancient puzzle and stay ahead of their relentless, deadly pursuers. Along the way, they meet a series of brilliant but quirky characters who are part of a secret organization.

Branch, in spite of himself, begins to question his long-held beliefs and his antagonism toward the Bible, while falling for Linda.

About the Author

I have an insatiable curiosity and love to research things that really interest me, such as creation vs. evolution and conspiracy theories. [Clive Cussler meets Dan Brown meets Michael Crichton]

The story is a contemporary action/adventure with mystery, humor, and a little romance. It is full of plot twists and startlingly scientific revelations.

To help promote the book, I have begun building a website at

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title: It Takes a Rocket Scientist

author: Mary McCay

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 2.25.2016 • author id: McM3290116

word count: 75,000


Andrew (Drew) Wallace’s career is up in flames, like some of the rockets he used to design. Finding dead bodies and corruption tends to reduce one’s job opportunities, not to mention one's number of friends. All it took was one decision to do the right thing and bang, he became blacklisted as a whistleblower and alienated from his associates.  Now what were they going to do? A washed-up rocket scientist and his former-astronaut wife.  Never again would he do the right thing…never. 

But the Lord has other plans. No sooner does Drew agree to help his mentor at a small university than he lands in the middle of the investigation of a dead body in the nearby swamp and uncovers evidence of fraud in the university’s accounting system. Will the missing provost also turn up dead? Will Drew?

This time Drew is determined not to do the right thing. Especially when evidence points to his mentor. He’ll keep his scientific curiosity in check and look the other way like everyone else. Or will he? Solving the complex series of crimes will take a rocket scientist, and Drew’s the only one around.

About the Author

Dr. Mary Helen McCay is a former payload specialist astronaut married to rocket scientist Dr. Dwayne McCay. Dwayne has recently been selected to become the new president of a technical university in Florida. They serve on the boards of two local churches and Mary Helen leads an interreligious contemplative prayer group. Together they have tackled many scientific and personal puzzles.

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title: Mystery at Point Beach

author: Deborah Erdmann

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 3.8.2017 • author id: ErD5422017

word count: 17,270


Dominic and Grandpa Bob are off to an exciting camping trip at Point Beach State Forest, but when Dominic gets the scoop about a recent robbery at the Historic Washington House and ice cream parlor, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of it all. The town of Two Rivers is headed for a serious meltdown when the valuable ledger that proves their claim to sundae fame winds up missing, and the televised broadcast commemorating their invention of the ice cream sundae is only a few days away. A series of odd coincidences and daring discoveries puts Dominic on the case which ultimately leads him dangerously close to the criminals and solving the mystery.

It won’t be easy with the bumbling park ranger always getting in the way, but with a little help from a strange group of hippies and the eccentric camp hosts, Dominic may just save the day… The ‘sundae,’ that is.

About the Author

Deborah is a published author of ‘The Inside Scoop on God.’ In 2008, she was a columnist for her local newspaper, the Herald Times Reporter – “Spill the Beans,” a column about coffee, and in 2009, “Humorous Christian Devotionals.” She had articles published in several magazines and is a staff writer for ‘Real Producers’ magazine for the Southeast valley of Phoenix, AZ. She started sponsor programs for two orphanages in Uganda and continues to raise awareness and fundraise to provide for the orphans.


Kate studied English at Carroll College and published a short story in a popular magazine.

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title: The Snows

author: K.M. Daughters

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 3.8.2017 • author id: DaK6055517

word count: 78,900


A UNIVERSAL SIGN WILL APPEAR PRECEDING THE APPEARANCE OF GOD. A PERMANENT SIGN WILL REMAIN – WONDROUS AND INEXPLICABLE ON EARTHLY TERMS The world's reckoning with God is imminent. Anna Babic Robbins, a Marian visionary from the remote Adriatic village, Valselo, is entrusted with the mission of delivering a parchment that documents unprecedented future events to a Chicago parish priest. The priest is charged with "shepherding" mankind to fulfill God's plan. Four devoted friends since grammar school at the Chicago suburban St. Mary Academy, the “Belles of St. Mary’s”: Bernadette O’Neal, a local television journalist on the Now Chicago show, married to an atheist; Tina Hernandez, a teacher at the women’s high school alma mater, married to a former teacher falsely accused of child molestation; Marlo Waters, a single supermodel; and Laci Marshall, the CFO for a non-profit organization engaged to a homicide detective, visit Las Vegas for Laci’s lavish bachelorette party when the universal sign appears. When God speaks, He whispers in the form of a seven-day, worldwide, impossible snowfall. The women and their loved ones witness the spectacle of the permanent sign, join humanity in facing judgment “before the throne” immediately after the sign appears, and grapple with how best to alter their lives before it’s too late after a preview of final judgment. WHEN GIVEN BY THE CREATOR HIMSELF, WILL THE HUMAN RACE TAKE THE SECOND CHANCE?

About the Author

K.M. Daughters is the penname for team writers and sisters, Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare. The penname is dedicated to the memory of their parents, “K”ay and “M”ickey Lynch. K.M. Daughters is the author of 13 award winning romance genre and women’s fiction novels published by Pelican Book Group and The Wild Rose Press. The “Daughters” are business owner/executives, wives, mothers and grandmothers residing in the Chicago suburbs and on the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

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title: The Return: A 9/11 Story

author: Dwayne Buhler

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 1.25.2020 • author id: BuDN2E3V19

word count: 80000


A mysterious hand-delivered letter leads Cassie MacDonald to believe that her father, one of the missing persons from the 9/11 attacks, might actually be alive.

The writer of the letter is an unidentified man in a cowboy hat, caught on camera as he hired a homeless man to drop the letter at Cassie’s workplace. The man claims to be a friend of the family, but his unwillingness to step out of the shadows casts doubt upon his motives. Is he wanted by the FBI? Is the mob after him? Is he who he claims to be? Is there more to his story?

Cassie’s life is already complicated by the challenges of her mother’s recent death and her stepfather’s insistence on selling their Jersey City home. She seeks help from her high school friend Jordainne who introduces her to Tim Martinuk, a young, legal intern.

Tim’s faith and his own 9/11 story help Cassie navigate the instructions left by the mysterious man in the cowboy hat. Together they tackle a question that goes beyond whether or not her father is alive: Can Cassie learn to trust God, even when she doesn’t know what’s around the next curve in the road?

About the Author

Dwayne Buhler is an award-winning author and speaker from Kitchener, ON, Canada. He is the Lead Pastor of a multi-generational and multi-ethnic church in the university cities of Kitchener-Waterloo. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Dwayne and his wife Rhonda enjoy skiing, hiking and fishing in the Canadian wilderness.

Dwayne has written articles for Focus on the Family (Clubhouse and Brio magazines) and is a regular contributor to Faith Today, the Canadian equivalent of Christianity Today. He is an adjunct faculty member of MacMaster Divinity Seminary (Hamilton, ON) and Emmanuel Bible College (Kitchener, ON). He teaches story structure and creative writing at local Christian schools, seeking to inspire the next generation of storytellers, authors and readers.

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title: The Window in the Wall

author: Robert Weathers

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 2.20.2021 • author id: WeRoTh3521

word count: 73496


Ten years ago, A. D. Cannon vowed he would never ride a horse again, never drink again, and never return to Shady Oaks Acres. Then, prompted by an email from an old girlfriend, and with time running out, he must solve a murder, deal with a dangerous adversary, and finally confront his past. So, in the next seven days, Cannon will break two of those vows. Never say never.

About the Author

Bob Weathers holds a Ph.D., is a pastor and professor, and has written extensively for Christian publications. This includes dozens of articles, columns, and essays published in journals, newspapers, and magazines; two chapters in books; and two Bible studies published in the Explore the Bible curriculum for LifeWay Christian Resources. In addition, Bob writes a blog aimed at a lay Christian audience at the domain, where he applies a biblical worldview to topics in the news, topics related to Christian living, and matters related to ministry and leadership. With nearly three decades of writing and teaching, he has developed network of friends in ministry throughout the US and even in the UK.

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title: The Mountain Knows

author: Lois Williams

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 12.5.2021 • author id: WiLoTh30821

word count: 56663


Julie Peters, single and fiercely independent, has enjoyed the fast pace of city life for the past six years.  Her career as a financial consultant in Alturas, California, comes to an abbreviated halt when she must return to her parents' farm in Lakeview, Oregon.  The suicide of her younger sister, Callie, has pushed Julie to question how this could have happened to her vibrant and loving sibling.  She commits to staying with her elderly parents on the farm as they process their grief.  Julie realizes, after uncovering some suspicious clues, that Callie's death may not have been suicide.  Discovering that her sister may have uncovered a dangerous money-making scheme, Julie is determined to find who is responsible for Callie’s death.  After a narrow brush with death during her investigation, Julie comes face-to-face with the realization that support from her family and friends serve her better than her need for independence, and she discovers what is truly important--that depending on God provides the ultimate fulfillment she is seeking.

About the Author

I am an avid reader and lover of the inky smell and crisp feel of the pages of a new novel. Writing descriptive stories, filled with unforgettable characters and exciting plots, has been on my bucket list since retiring as a speech and language pathologist.  My goal in writing this debut novel was two-fold: creating a mystery while showcasing characters with Christian values, and providing readers a story void of vulgarity, which seems to be prevalent in today's literature.

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title: Chappy

author: John Sterling Bridges

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 1.29.2022 • author id: BrJoCh922

word count: 75069


Title: Chappy After her father passes away, young lawyer, Lorrie Ashton, uses her inheritance to buy an old house on the remote "elbow" of Chappaquiddick (Chappy) Island near the Cape Poge Lighthouse.  She also discovers a hidden manuscript in her father's attic that has the potential to reopen decades-old wounds and ignite a national political firestorm.  When Lorrie learns a wealthy developer intends to purchase the lighthouse and surrounding properties to build an "eco-resort" on the Cape, she joins forces with an eager investigative reporter from Boston to mount a campaign to stop the proposed project.  Outmatched financially and politically and frightened by a developer who will stop at nothing to succeed, Lorrie must choose between saving the Cape or exposing a secret that would rewrite history.

About the Author
John Sterling Bridges is a retired attorney who practiced environmental, land use, and real estate law for 36 years on the central coast of California.  He has written 23 novels (ten of which are self-published with Amazon/Kindle - search: "John Sterling Bridges books") including a four-book mystery series for pre-teens called "The Secrets of Monterey." He is also in the process of producing an illustrated children's book he wrote called Granddad Otter.  John and his wife Lorrie (also an author) have three adult children and seven grandchildren.  They have been actively involved with numerous ministries (e.g., Board of Directors, Children's, Mentoring, Hospitality) at their local church, Calvary Monterey, for 34 years.  In addition to their Amazon presence, John and his wife have social media connections (Instagram and Facebook).

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title: The Mountain and the Sign of the Ski

author: Donald Mercer

category: fiction • subcategory: mystery • date submitted: 5.10.2023 • author id: MeDoTh10023

word count: 86000


Steve and Beth are on a learn-to-ski vacation and take a detour road leading them to a ski lodge, The Mountain, where they are the only students. Their personal instructor, Theo, knows much about them and he imparts Godly wisdom along with expert ski instruction. Steve rejects everything to do with God while Beth recalls dormant Sunday School experiences. After a miraculous escape from harm, and a healing for Beth, Steve shows interest in Theo’s teaching about Jesus. On the way home their car breaks down at a garage and they are taken in by a church group while the car is repaired. They have a mysterious experience with a child which comes back to them twenty years later when they meet her again and she helps them solve the mystery surrounding their time at The Mountain. The world situation is deteriorating, and Steve and Beth have identical dreams of meeting Theo lifting a veil he put over them twenty years ago. Theo reveals his identity and tells them to write a book about their experiences because the time for the rapture is short and their book will evangelize many.

About the Author
Don Mercer has advanced degrees in Counseling and International Relations. He served 27 years in military intelligence and CIA operations around the world including direct combat. He is decorated for heroism and numerous accomplishments. Don is the former CEO of a large Christian nonprofit caring for children and families. He is also a former CEO of a multi-county organization providing numerous services to low income/disadvantaged people including several Head Start schools. He is the founder of a youth entrepreneurship nonprofit teaching kids how to start their own business. He has published several military articles and has self-published a book on Followership. He has served as a first editor and advisor on eight nonfiction books focused on international issues such as China, Russia and America. Don is Chairman of the Board of Prophecy Watchers Inc. Prophecy Watchers has an international audience and a bookstore that reaches hundreds of thousands of people. They will feature the book in videos, their yearly conferences and all source media presentations. Two other large ministries with a worldwide reach will feature the book and conduct author interviews. Don will donate all royalties.

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