What about the display of book proposals on the website? How does it work?

Since 1999, this site has made publicly available the summaries of book proposals that passed the screening of the Writer’s Edge Service. This is included in your fee. This is a valuable service which becomes a type of endorsement of your manuscript. The listing remains on the site for five years, so writers can point interested people to their listings.  Anyone in the world can now find out about your book proposal. Qualified publishers can get the contact information needed to contact you directly.
The web exposure is open to any visitor to the site. To protect your privacy, we do not list your personal contact information on the website. While the publisher reports sent to qualified publishers DO contain your contact information, the website no longer does. This protects you from scammers and spammers and only allows the approved publishers on our list to contact you. If a reputable publisher finds your listing at the website, they are invited to contact Writer’s Edge; after verification, we will furnish that publisher with the contact information.