What about subsidy publishers, self-publishing, “vanity” publishing?

Our list of publishers is limited almost entirely to traditional royalty publishers. They will pay for the publication of your work if they contract for it. We have tried to keep “self” or “vanity” publishers off the list. A few of the major Christian publishers on our list of over 75 occasionally offer partner publishing agreements. We have carefully screened these only to include those that are not “book mills” that take anyone who can write the check and have a solid reputation and high degree of credibility. (Companies that do only self or vanity publishing are not on our list.) The world of subsidized publishing is quite varied: Some of them are rendering a real service; others are exploitative and nearly fraudulent. Most writers are advised to seek a royalty publisher if at all possible and if their project has broad appeal. Remember: Printing up the book is the easy part! Selling copies in the thousands is much harder. Traditional royalty publishers and reputable partner publishers will only take a book they think they can sell. That’s why they’re so picky!  See also the next question.