How is the Writer’s Edge Service distinct from other services?

Writer’s Edge is distinct in that:

  1. It is an evaluation and screening program, not simply a writer bulletin board. A significant number of entries do not meet the screening requirement to be included in the monthly report sent to royalty-based publishers. Writers submitting to most other web-based services do not face this distinguishing criterion, and most other services do not provide this direct communication with publishers.
  2. Writer’s Edge is not just a web-based display of writers’ offerings but primarily involves a monthly report sent to its cooperating publishers and actually reviewed by acquisition editors. The website posting of approved manuscripts expands on the report but is not the primary communication with acquisitions editors.
  3. Writer’s Edge provides some personal feedback and comment, especially for submissions rejected by our screening process. Every submission is read and thoughtfully considered for publishing potential. Our reviewers are directed to “think like publishers” in their feedback and evaluation, which may entail candid, or sometimes even unwelcome, advice to the writer. But candor is the best service we can render to any writer.
  4. We also offer some valuable and credible added resources for aspiring writers. Writer’s Edge resource services will continue to be expanded and enhanced to provide ongoing help for Christian writers.